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Janice Hughes

Conversational Hypnotherapist

Emotional Trauma & Chronic Pain Specialist


Janice has been a practicing Hypnotherapist at a range of clinics in South East Queensland, Australia since 2013.  She specialises in helping people to finally eliminate the true cause of emotional and physical pain in their life.

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Janice sees people in person at :  Lightbridge Clinic - Maroochydore (please note that Ubuntu Medical - Stafford, Brisbane is currently closed) - and she also works extensively via Zoom online video platform for regional, interstate and overseas clients, as well as for local clients.


Janice uses a conversational style of Hypnotherapy which means that every session is totally individual to the needs of each client.  There are no scripts or one size fits all therapy.

Her goal is finding the best way for her clients to completely resolve their issues and receive lasting, life changing results - as quickly as possible.

She guides and supports people in resolving what's really at the core of their issues.  This is the key to her clients getting the results they want, and the key to transforming their lives.


Janice is certified in:

Hypnotherapy - Master Hypnotist - specialising in Conversational & Ericksonian styles

Pain-Control Hypnotherapy

Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Master NLP Practitioner

Rewind® for Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD & Phobia

OldPain2Go® for Chronic Physical & Emotional Pain

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...  "Actually during the session I felt a sense of the weight coming off my shoulders and I had a good feeling coming over my body.  This continued during the rest of the day and the days afterwards.  To me this was a tremendous sensation and my partner noticed the difference in me immediately.

I have a new perspective on my life, I’m not living in the past or getting hung up on past issues but living in the present and planning for an exciting future.

I know this sounds to good to be true but that is my experience"  ...     SM

"Love the way Janice walks & talks you through the process and helps you take control of yourself.  This was a very simple process with the most amazing PAIN FREE RESULT!!! "     JM

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...  "I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia five years prior to seeing you.  My whole body hurt all of the time, and I only got mild relief by taking pain medication every day.  I went from being a fit and physically healthy person to being bedridden in a very short amount of time.  I also had a myriad of other symptoms (fatigue, light and noise sensitivity, migraines, numbness and tingling in my hands, just to name a few) , which caused even more pain and it was unbearable.  I struggled to cope with it all." ...

...  "The experience overall has been enlightening.  I didn’t really know what to expect, and we tackled some huge issues in the first session too.  I thought that it would be a gradual process, and so I was very surprised to see such huge results after our first session."  ...   GT

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...  "I was unsure about trying hypnotherapy to help me heal from past traumas, but decided to give it a go as traditional psychotherapy wasn’t helping me to move forward.  I️ suffered from very severe PTSD from several traumas (child abuse, sexual assault & cancer) which often kept me up at night & prevented me from experiencing true happiness.  After one session with Janice, the severity of my feelings of trauma subsided from a level 10 to a level 5 (at most), & it has continued to decline"  ...  Anon

(most important thing for you in achieving your success with me)   ... "That I trusted you. 

You don’t let me get away with trying to fool myself or you.  You’re very experienced and it shows"  ...     CR


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