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Emotional Trauma & Chronic Pain


Emotional & Physical Pain Specialist Hypnotherapy

in Brisbane

I can help you finally eliminate the true cause of emotional & physical pain

... get your life back & discover the freedom to be yourself  !

...  "I was unsure about trying hypnotherapy to help me heal from past traumas, but decided to give it a go as traditional psychotherapy wasn’t helping me to move forward.  I️ suffered from very severe PTSD from several traumas (child abuse, sexual assault & cancer) which often kept me up at night & prevented me from experiencing true happiness.  After one session with Janice, the severity of my feelings of trauma subsided from a level 10 to a level 5 (at most), & it has continued to decline"  ...

     Courageous Past Client - Severe PTSD

"Love the way Janice walks & talks you through the process and helps you take control of yourself.  This was a very simple process with the most amazing PAIN FREE RESULT!!! "     JM - Arthritis Pain

You can FINALLY let go of emotional & physical pain

because you will  ACTUALLY deal with what's at the core of your issues.

It's a truly powerful & life-changing experience.


Janice Hughes

Master Hypnotist & Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

I know that by guiding my clients to fully experience the connection between their mind & body and their own power to change - they will be resilient and resourceful in life, no matter what challenges they face.  I know they will have the power and the courage to continue to grow and prosper. 


I can help you change destructive programming & rewire your brain to have the life you really want.


Certified in:  Hypnotherapy - including Conversational & Ericksonian sytles;

Neuro Linguistic Programming; Rewind for Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD & Phobia; OldPain2Go for Physical & Emotional Pain, Meta-Mind Analysis.


All new clients must initially book a FREE

45 minute Enquiry Session.

The purpose of this free session is to chat about your specific situation and explore just what's going on.  We'll clarify the issues and discuss what you want to achieve.  You can find out if my

Hypnotherapy Rapid-Breakthrough is right for you. 


(The Enquiry Session is a FREE Phone Session or via Zoom for overseas clients.)

...  "Actually during the session I felt a sense of the weight coming off my shoulders and I had a good feeling coming over my body.  This continued during the rest of the day and the days afterwards.  To me this was a tremendous sensation and my partner noticed the difference in me immediately.

I have a new perspective on my life, I’m not living in the past or getting hung up on past issues but living in the present and planning for an exciting future.

I know this sounds to good to be true but that is my experience"  ...     SM - Relationship Issues

...  "I had lower back surgery and after 3 yrs was still on heavy medication part time and experiencing a lot of continual pain.  I had tried many other main stream therapies with no real success.  It had me thinking maybe there is more to pain.  ...  It affected my financial situation as I couldn't work full time, health/mood being on pain meds and even my relationship with my partner.  I'm lucky she is understanding.  ...  Honestly, I feel so much better, no more heavy pain meds, happy working more as a plumber, relationship is better.  I still have some soreness but it is much more manageable now.  ...  Don't waste any more time and give this a go.  This has worked."  ...     

GD - Chronic Back Pain

...  "I was sick of being overweight and in pain from rheumatoid arthritis all the time.  ...  I didn't think I could be hypnotised.  I felt safe and comfortable from the first time I met you.  I went to places I thought I'd done before (ie with years of counselling) and found that I could clear the trauma and old emotions without feeling like I was going to die.  I did not feel retraumatised at all - which is what I have felt with other modalities.  ...  Something deep has changed.  ...   I trusted you.  You don't let me get away with trying to fool myself or you.  You're very experienced and it shows." 

CR - Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

...  "After my marriage ended, my confidence was eroded, and socially, I spent some years staying home where I felt safe.  I finally decided that I would like to start going out again and made the decision to begin dance classes  ...  At the dance classes I discovered that I had anxiety when a member of the opposite sex would approach me and ask for a dance.  It was difficult for me to even talk to them let alone dance with them.  I wanted to fix this issue so that I could have a normal social life and move forward.  I had some sessions with a Psychologist to try to fix the problem but found that in the real world the steps I was given to help me with my anxiety in a social setting didn't work.  The experience was very pleasant and Janice made me feel very comfortable.  It was just like talking to a close friend.  I'm extremely glad I have had the hypnosis session as it has cured my social anxiety.  ..." 

MC - Social Anxiety

or for General Enquiries call 0416 030 557

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